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Steffi Fertner

I'm an interdisciplinary graphic designer and illustrator and lover of language. I was born 10 july 1994 and am currently working and studying in vienna, austria. prior to moving to vienna, I graduated from fh joanneum, university of applied sciences graz, austria, as bachelor of arts in arts and design. during my studies I spent 9 months on exchange to study illustration at the university of plymouth, uk.


next to my desire to work with good quality paper and print products, all things editorial and typography, it has become my passion to include vector drawings as well as illustrations made by hand into my creative processes. on a different matter I love to work with an emphasis on language, text and words, which is why I started studying linguistics at the university of vienna in my freetime.

Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Design


coming from a background of information design, it is my job and my goal to care for an overall appealing look as well as attention to detail in all things concerning type and the arrangement of such.

Bachelor of Arts (exchange year)


it’s difficult for me to draw the line between graphic design and illustration, as both matters are equally as important for my work. the following images are what my signature drawings with type look like.


during my studies and in my freetime I am constantly experimenting with new fields of design and media. in the following I want to show you my favourite projects of that approach.


feel free to drop me an e-mail via